Leverge iBot Pro Bowling Machine

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Leverge iBot Pro Bowling Machine

  • Leverage is a very special and unique ball-throwing machine.
  • It’s a great tool for entry-level professional cricketers.
  • Its patent-pending dual-point feeding and release system can simulate great deliveries.
  • Top Point feeding is to practice deliveries that slow down off the pitch.
  • Leverge iBot 360 Pro Bowling Machine
  • Bottom Point feeding is to practice deliveries that hurry onto the batsman, after pitching.
  • Speed:iBot Pro:Full Pitch(66ft/22yards): 110kmph, Half Pitch(33ft/11yards): 140kmph
  • Balls Compatible: iBot Pro: Cricket Ball, Leverage Machine Balls(100g,120g,140,160g)


  • Speed: 40 – 95 kph
  • Power Requirement: 12v or 110v to 230v
  • Power Consumption: 12hours – 1 Unit
  • Battery Capacity: from 12v 7ah
  • Height: 5ft
  • Weight: 8kg
  • No Auto ball feeder compatibility due to its dual feeding system.
  • With Battery Cable


  • Speed up to 95 kph
  • Spin and Swing
  • Digital Controls
  • Easy to operate
  • Ball Joint for easy line and length change
  • Angular adjustment for advanced variations
  • Feeding point indication
  • Speed Indication
  • Highly portable
  • Use iWin Light Balls or Tennis Balls only.
  • Compatible with Battery